Upcoming Course

Cohort 2021: August 21 to august 31, 2021

Would you like to build your own professional project in Data Analytics?

This course is the perfect fit for you. I will guide you on how create your project pipeline by going through the following steps:

  1. You will collect the data
  2. You will perform an exploratory data analysis
  3. You will clean and transform the data
  4. You will build and evaluate the ML model
  5. You will deploy your project

Case Studies

Detailed tutorials how to effectively create and launch your first data app.

Challenge exam and certificate

A certificate of completion will be awarded when you complete the ML training.

About the project trainer:

Tarek Gasmi is the Co-Founder and CEO at DataDoIt a startup specialized in development of solutions in Big Data and Analytics. He is also developer of BestAutoImmo (Web and Mobile) application which predicts the car and house prices in real-time. He will share with you the development strategy as well as the hacks on the effective data exploration and modeling.