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In order to consolidate its teaching staff. Lakadimia is looking for motivated, dynamic and transformational trainers. Lakadimia provides you with all the resources you need to create and deliver your online course and training.

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To be part of a vibrant community of online trainers and educators, all you have to do is complete the registration form indicating your area of expertise and Lakadimia online will contact you shortly to invite you to join us.

You will receive two emails to access the course creation platform as well as the classroom space to allow you to manage your live classrooms and webinars.
1. Commit to creating a digital course (one or more) with world-class quality.

2. Commit to providing on-line (synchronous) sessions according to the schedule displayed to participants.

3. Ensure close monitoring via the various means of communication made available to the teacher and the student by Lakadimia Online.
Once your accounts are created on Lakadimia Online and Lakadimia Classroom you can immediately start by creating your course materials, scripting your labs/projects as well as planning your online sessions.

Lakadimia guarantees an uninterrupted access to world-class course creation tools (text, video, H5P, cloud-lab infrastructure) as well as a dedicated video-conferencing platforms allowing optimal engagement for participants.

Lakadimia offers you free training (2 hours) to ensure that our teachers will make the most out of the professional resources available in the platform.